The combination of grill experience, digital networking, cleanliness and hygiene make the BBQ-Butler an innovative grill system of the future. The BBQ-Butler grill stations can be conveniently located via an app, availability checked and booked, reserved and paid for directly. After activation with the app on site, it can start within a few seconds. The extendable stainless steel plate is brought to temperature using electrical energy. When the grilling pleasure is over, the grilling surface is pushed back into the station and automatically rinsed there in a few minutes. A perfectly hygienic, cleaned grill surface is always waiting for the next user.


The BBQ-Butler is a grill system for communal areas such as campsites, residential facilities, parks and company premises. At campsites and for a sundowner in the park, barbecues are a part of the outdoor romance. But companies can also offer the BBQ butler to their employees and customers as a communicative meeting point and think tank. In addition to the connection to the app, the operators of the grill system have the option of limiting operating times and authorizing a certain group of people as users. In addition, operators are free to use a manual solution to activate the grill station via chip.




Do you want to differentiate your facility from others through innovation, promote cohesion among the workforce and increase the public image of your company, offer an environmentally friendly leisure time option for citizens and residents and also meet all safety and hygiene standards?


Do you have a connection to the power grid, cell phone coverage or WiFi and sufficient open space?


 Then you are right with us. Because the BBQ-Butler is a digitally networked grill system with an integrated cleaning unit that guarantees the highest level of cleanliness, hygiene and convenience. As the operator of shared barbecue areas, it helps you to increase safety for people and the environment. In addition, the new grill system has a reservation and booking function that is made available via a smartphone application.


 After intensive development work, the BBQ butler is now about to start pre-series production. The first BBQ butlers in the pre-series series will be set up in spring 2021. We are happy to accept inquiries for other installation locations via our contact form or directly by email. We are always available for telephone inquiries.